A Couple of Near Misses, Then a Chance For Something Better

The weather pattern remains active with several storms coming at us from the west. Currently, the models have these storms with just a glancing blow on Wednesday (12/5) and Saturday (12/8). However, both the GFS and EC models are showing the possibility of a moderate storm coming into the Tahoe area around the 9th  of December. We talked about this in our last post.

First here is the ECWMF forecast for early on the 10th of December:

Here is the GFS forecast for just about the same time:

We don't see this as a very strong storm, but a lot can change between now and then.

There is the possibility of another storm around the 15th of December, then we may be looking at our ridge moving back off the coast for a week or so.

As of now we are looking at a dry period between the 15th of December and the 23rd. The storms return around Christmas and should be much stronger.

Stay Tuned ...