Next Storm Cycle is not Far Off

Not much has changed since our last post. This last storm was another overachiever. That storm has moved on and high pressure is going to setup along the cost. Our temperatures will gradually warm. Here is a look at the current weather:

You can clearly see the ridge of high pressure that will dominate our weather. We could see a very weak slider this weekend, but by next week we will be back close to average temps.

However, like everything else since we turned 2019, that is going to change when the next storm cycle comes in. We will start to feel the change around the 26th. Our ridge of high pressure is going to get bumped well south and that should open the storm door once again. Here is a look at the forecast for the 26th, notice the difference between the map above and the map below:

You can notice the storms are beginning to stack up. Then around March 2nd, the next cycle of storms begins with the arrival of the first storm:

Notice the distinct storm track around the high pressure ridge, right into our area. If we move the focus of our map more over Lake Tahoe, this is what we see for March 2nd:

This storm track is a much warmer storm track. Our best guess is snow levels in the 7,000 foot range, but we will know a lot more in the coming days.

Disclaimer: Who is in charge? That's right, Ma Nature is in charge. There are a lot of variables in play, including a storm that will come into California on the 27th, but we believe will not make it over the Sierra. However, that could change as well. Point is, we are pretty sure the next storm cycle is on the way, when it begins to impact the Sierra and Carson Range is our best guess.

Stay Tuned ...