High Pressure Continues to Block Storms; Christmas Day Storm?

High Pressure has set up off the California coast and it will continue to send the storms just north of us with a few storms just edging into our area:

The ridge of high pressure will be moved around slightly and some precip will continue to come into the area. We do not see a prolonged dry spell.

So many of you may be asking, when will our next storm cycle start? From what we can see it will be a very merry Christmas as storms begin to arrive around Christmas day and should continue for several weeks after that. Of course, that is 10 days away and much of this analysis comes from 30 day forecast models, so this is not carved in stone. However, the 30 day models nutted the last storm cycle, so we are optimistic that Christmas will usher in a new cycle.

Here is a look for the forecast on Christmas day around 4:00 in the afternoon:

Our ridge has finally been kicked back out to sea and the storm door does appear to be opening. We are expecting very little precip between now and then. Having said that, here is the 30 day precip forecast, remember most of this starts Christmas day and piles up with subsequent storms:

Another 10+ inches of liquid in the few weeks following Christmas. That would be a nice present from Santa!

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Stay Tuned ...