Midweek Clearing - Next Weekend Another Storm

Shortwave city. Imagine a giant up in BC throwing snowballs down the coast and hitting us. That is what is taking place. A huge area of low pressure is firing off short waves of cold air. They travel down the coast, suck up the warm ocean water, hit the Sierra, rise, condense and dump. Some of the best skiing/riding conditions in the last 3 years as April comes in like a lion. I may well have underestimated our current short wave when I guessed 18-24 inches at Rose. I was up there around noon. Here is a picture of my daughter and what the weather looked like:

She is  a good sport as the wind was howling around 50+ mph and snowing heavily. It took about 1 hour for conditions to turn to all powder. However, very slow lift and at the top it was a little hairy.

This is supposed to continue until about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon.

After that the weather looks nice around mid week with light winds and much warmer temps. But don't get used to that because it aint going to last. Next weekend is shaping up for a decent sized storm to come in around Saturday night or Sunday morning. The models are not agreeing on this so let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.

For now, enjoy the fantastic conditions and stay tuned ...