When it Changes it will Really Change. For Now, Looks Like the Status Quo

I just looked at the latest EC run. Unfortunately, the smaller storms for this week appear to have fallen apart. Our blocking ridge is moving south, but also east. That means it will continue to block any storms from coming into our area ... yucksville!

There is a glimmer of hope for late Saturday into Sunday for some reasonable precip as the biggest of the systems will shove that ridge south and west, perhaps allowing for a short storm window. EC is still forecasting the following for Sunday morning:

Unfortunately, immediately after this storm our blocking ridge appears to be moving well north and east.

Remember this; There are no normal weather events. Forecasters rarely use the word normal, when they do it is a mistake. Especially for our area. There are only averages. 3 years ago we were inundated with record breaking snow. Parts of Squaw Valley had a season total of nearly 1,000 inches of the white stuff. The law of averages has caught up with us these past two years. However, they will catch up with us again! I promise! We are really due for a major change. It will come. Will it come this year? Probably. Suffice it to say, that change will come. Keep up the positive thoughts. Wash your car. Clean the gravel and salt out of the garage and driveway. Do what it takes!

Stay Tuned ...