Tahoe to get Slammed With Epic Snowfall; Heavy Snow Expected For the next 2 Weeks or More

Before we get into the weather forecast, please visit Unofficial Mt Rose, it could save your life. If you are thinking about heading into the back country, please read Sven's post as dangerous Avalanche conditions are setting up.

 If you have been reading our posts, then you are well aware that the models converged on an epic snowfall for the Tahoe area. We are tracking large storms as far out as 2 weeks. Here is the latest precip forecast for the next 2 weeks:

All resorts in Tahoe should receive between 8-15 feet of snow depending on elevation and location. The chart above is calling for the Carson Range to pick up around a foot of liquid precip. With these storms being a bit on the colder side, we believe in the next 2 weeks Mt. Rose could see as much as 12 feet of snow. With the snowpack down below 50% this will be a great help.

In addition, at the present time, we are seeing the storm door remaining wide open. Here is the forecast for February 9th, notice the ridge of high pressure is not even in the picture:

This is a massive storm and it's totals are NOT included in the 2-week storm total of the first chart in this post.

Stay Safe ...