The Year's First Major Storm Cycle is Knocking at the Door

Could we finally be about to start a storm cycle that will bring more typical Sierra storms to the area? Well, if you believe the models, YES!

Storm 1 (Friday 1/22 - 1/23)

This is a very light storm that could attempt to overachieve. It will send several weak waves of precip into the area and produce by days end Saturday 1-3 inches of snow. Better than nothing. More importantly, it will nudge the ridge of high pressure further west which will open the storm door for bigger storms.

Storm 2 (All day Monday 1/25)

This is a better storm but still not what we are looking for. However, we see 6-12 inches for the Carson range.

Storm 3 (Wednesday 1/27 - Friday Morning)

This is a storm with some potential, it is still 6 days out but the weather models are consolidating on our first major weather event, complete with a subtropical moisture tap (18-36 inches)

Storm 4 (Sunday January 31st - Tuesday February 2nd)

This one is a beauty. It has all the makings of a major winter storm. It is a tad warmer but still should be all snow for all Tahoe resorts. Both long range models are nearly identical on this one which gives us confidence that it could happen.

This storm cycle has the potential to be talked about for years. Or, it could be the models over predicting again. Last post we talked about we are due for this sort of event. Our confidence is high.

It has been some time since we have seen a 14 day precip forecast like this! 10-15 inches of liquid precip over the next few weeks:

Stay Tuned ...