High Pressure to Block Large Storms

After a record breaking December, the models are backing off a major weather event next week. A ridge of high pressure is the culprit. We thought that ridge would be moved out, obviously it had other ideas. 

Here is the forecast for late on Tuesday January 4th. Notice the ridge of high pressure to the south, that will close the storm door for the Tahoe area:

We are looking at 6-12 inches of snow for Mt. Rose Tuesday into Wednesday. 

We are seeing much warmer temperatures with high's in the 50's in some valley locations. By the 6th of January, I would expect to see temperature inversions in place as well.

This pattern will start around the 6th and should last for at least a week.

Stay Tuned ...


  1. Obviously the weather blog guy doesn't believe in science.i will never recommend this site to anyone.

    1. Wow, if I could describe how tired I am of hearing the word "science" being used in that context. I do this voluntarily, I could not care less if you recommend it to anybody. Now get back to being terrified of everything.

    2. science is not a belief

    3. In this case it is. It is elitism and tyranny at it's finest. It could have some truth as well, but the idea that it cannot be questioned makes it a cult. Keep drinking that Koolaid. Certainly the last 2 years has taught us our leaders are never to be questioned. We should all just shut-up and put on our masks.


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