Next Storm Late Sunday and Monday

We can officially say goodbye to the Pineapple express, for now. Take a look at the following Satellite picture compared to the prior post:

Gone but not forgotten. We have some incredible conditions up and down the Sierra. Scott and i spent a day in the Chutes yesterday, and it was unbelievable. Here take a look:

The snow was deep, the crowds small, the temps perfect ... and it was snowing hard. We talked with a ski patrolmen and he said the snow was perfect. According to him they threw bombs all over the chutes and everything held. When we got in there, it was waist deep in most places. Most of the rocks were covered up as well.

This storm cycle is not quite over. If you look at the satellite image above, there is still a pretty strong storm out in the Pacific and it is headed our way. It will weaken and make shore north of us where it will split. It still should have some pretty good strength to send some moisture our way for Sunday night through Monday. The northern section of the split storm will effect our weather through Wednesday.

High pressure moves in Thursday, which means more temperature inversions for the valley. There are some indications that the following week (1/20 - 2/4) may be a stormy one.

Stay tuned ...