Wednesday Afternoon (1/20) through Thursday Night (1/21)

In our continuing series analyzing the storms that appear stacked up and ready to pummel Tahoe and even, to a now greater extent, Southern California, we will look at Wednesday and Thursdays storm. As the super charged, 200+ kt Jet Stream moves south, so too do the track of the storms. There will be plenty of precip left for Northern California, just not as much as we once thought. First, let's take a look at total accumlated precip for the week, this is pretty impressive:

Almost all of California is in the 5+ inch range. Like I said before many of highest elevations in the Sierra, especially the central Sierra around Mammoth and Yosemite will see 10-20 inches of precip.

Now let's focus on Wednesday and Thursday. The good stuff will start around 4:00 pm on Wednesday and last through the night into the early hours of Thursday morning. There will be a short lull about 4:00am on Thursday until about 10:00am. Again, this might be a good morning to hit the pow. Then shortly after 10:00 am, things start heating up again and should last until about 10:00pm. That means Friday could be another epic day out there with freshies everywhere. Here is a look at Thursday morning at around 10:00am. Notice the strong stuff moving south and central.

This could be the last of the major storms in our series. The models are starting to point at the possibility of the weather maker weakening and then moving east. That will change our weather, but change it to what? I will answer that question in the coming days. For, now ... enjoy!