One More Day, Then Move Toward Stable Summer Pattern

The storm for next Tuesday has fallen apart. It will only have a mild effect on our weather. After today, it looks like we may start to finally move into a more stable, summer pattern of weather. That pattern builds a huge high pressure ridge off the California coast and we are dominated by warm sunny days. Looking ahead, we will see some 90's toward the end of the first week in June. That will signify that we are in a summer weather pattern. After that, you won't hear from me again for a while.

Once we get there I will educate this large 30 person audience about "global warming" or more realistically, climate change. Just a little hint:

If you want to know how the global warming hysteria has become so out of hand, follow the money trail. There are billions in grants out there for "scientists" to uncover evidence of global warming. There are no such grants available to refute it.

Enjoy the nice weather!