Ugly Forecast

High's in the 50's and Low 60's For At Least a Week
Did I mention how difficult it is to forecast weather this time of year, especially with El Nino sitting out there stirring up trouble? Well, in complete defiance of my Friday post, which called for nice weather ... things have changed rather dramatically. Enjoy today, because this will be as nice as it gets. You will notice the winds start to kick up this afternoon, then our weather will be heavily influenced from the north. Which means cool temperatures and very windy ... for perhaps the next 12 days. This all culminates a week from today with what appears to be a pretty impressive storm for our area. We could see heavy mountain snows and valley rain. Here is snapshot for next Monday:

If this holds, that is quite impressive for this time of year. Remember, however, things can change.

Windy Windy and more Windy
We should have decent winds every day into the foreseeable future. High winds (50mph +) are forecast for Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Then the storm moves in.

Next Weekend looks Nasty
The high pressure ridge I talked about will form and be blown up all in less than 24 hours. We will not even notice it. Temps will be cool and it will be very windy. Ahead of the storm it should warm to the mid-60's, but behind, very cool.