Our Crappy Weather is Going to the Next Level

Giant Cold Front for this Weekend
We are going to see some very cool temps this weekend as a strong storm that is slamming the Pacific Northwest moves on shore. The backside of that storm is going to whip northwest winds down the coast and right into our area. The high for Reno on Saturday will probably not get out of the 40's. There will be some light snow associated with this cold front. Here is a look at Saturday's weather. Take note of the black lines as they form a corridor straight out of the north. The blue circle represents a very significant cold front for this time of year:

Strong and Frequent Storms for Next Week
The weather models are predicting a very stormy pattern for next week. A series of moderate storms are headed our way. This will mean more mountain snow. Incidentally, I am not aware of a ski area still open in Tahoe. Many closed with a 15 foot base. Mammoth is still open and they continue to have unbelievable May conditions. Here is what we are looking at for next Wednesday:

This is just the biggest of the storms to hit us next week. We can expect stormy weather for the entire week leading up to Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day looks good for now, but that can, and probably will change
This is quite a ways down the road, but the weather for Memorial day weekend looks like it could be could nice. There is a slight reprieve sandwiched in between storms. The models are saying that could come over the holiday weekend. Of course it is way too early count on that prediction. Here is what GFS says it will look like for Sunday May 30th. Notice the warm air flowing up from the south, but also notice the storm to the north. Right now looks like mostly sunny skies and much warmer for the holiday weekend. I will try and fine tune this forecast next week: