Weather to Turn Stormy and Windy

The headline says it all. We have a decent sized storm coming into the area late Sunday and lasting until midday Tuesday. This will bring some rain to the valley and a decent amount of snow to the mountains around Lake Tahoe. Here is a snapshot for Monday evening:

Along with the stormy weather we will have much cooler temperatures and very windy conditions. Both Sunday and Monday will see wind gusts in the 50mph range. Next Friday, ahead of another storm, winds could be clocked in the 60-70mph range. Everyday for the next couple of weeks should have very windy conditions. Temperatures will vary as a number of storms enter and exit our region. Ahead of the systems, we will see reasonably warm temperatures. When the systems exit the temp will drop significantly.

The models are tracking a much larger storm for a week from Monday. Of course that is very far off, but here is what they see for May 17:

This is a very large storm for this time of year and could bring copious amounts of snow to the mountains and rain to the valleys. We will just have to wait and see.