More Storms, No Big Warm Up

I feel like this is a retraction. In our last post we talked about and showed a forecast from both the GFS and EC weather models that showed the possibility that spring may actually arrive in the form of a big warmup. Those models and all others have done a complete about face. Instead we are looking at more storms that could last into the foreseeable future.

Let's start with next weekend's storm. Right now a weak area of low pressure is going to camp right off the west coast and bring multiple waves of precipitation to the area:

This storm will begin to impact Tahoe on Saturday (3/4) and will stick around until it joins forces with a storm from the south on the following Thursday (3/9). An already saturated Southern California is about to get hit with another large storm. This will bring large amounts of moisture to the entire state of California.

Then, right on its heels things get really interesting. We have 3 areas of low pressure that should connect and form an AR event on Saturday 3/11:

This event will likely have a much bigger impact on Northern California and the Tahoe area. 

As if that is not enough, the forecast for March 14th shows another huge storm that will slam Tahoe with even more precip:

Granted this is a long way out and a lot can change but the winter of 2022/2023 could be one for the record books.

Here is the precip forecast for the next 2 weeks:

As you can see, a large section of the central and northern Sierra are looking at 7-14 inches of liquid precip. 

These storms are warmer than what we have been getting, but not by much so expect most of this moisture to fall in the way of snow above 6,500 feet.

March Miracle or March Disaster? You make the call!

Stay Tuned ...