Big Changes On The Way, Starting Tonight, Lasting Through Christmas??

There are major changes on the way, starting with a weak storm coming through the area tonight and hitting the Sierra with decent snowfall all day tomorrow. Expect 1-2 feet of snow over the Sierra Crest and 6-12 inches of fresh snow at Mt. Rose by Wednesday. The winds will really start to kick up tonight.

A major storm, that I have been tracking for 2 weeks, is poised to slam the area late this week and into the weekend. Some model forecasts are looking at 4 inches of liquid precip for the Tahoe Sierra with snow levels between 6,000 and 7,000 feet. That could translate into 2-5 feet of snow. This storm is a ways off and I will update precip totals for the week, here is what we are looking at right now:

This is through next Tuesday. GFS is predicting this for 4:00 next Saturday:

Interestingly enough, Southern California is going to see a large amount of precip over the next week with some very good surf. Should be tube city  starting next Saturday and lasting about 4 days. So get the boards waxed and that wet suit patched, surf's up dudes!

Here is a current look and how these Pacific storms will affect our region:

As the Jet drops down from the north, it will bring cold air with it. There are two very warm air masses that will be colliding with the very cold Low Pressure system to our north. That will produce copious amounts of moisture for an extended period of time, starting tomorrow morning.

This weather pattern should continue through Christmas. I am standing on my prediction that by the time it is all over, the Sierra Crest should pick up around 10-15 feet of snow.

Stay Tuned ...