Changes Coming ... But not for 2 Weeks

What you are seeing above is the GFS outlook for February 7th. I know, what a tease, but at least the skiers and riders have something to look forward to. In the meantime, more of the same, above average temperatures with clear sunny skies. Firm conditions in the morning, near perfect spring conditions in the late afternoon. I will keep an eye on the possible change in our weather pattern. Stay Tuned ...

Accident At Rose
This past week a 15 year old rider died at Mt. Rose. A very tragic event. Totally avoidable. Unfortunately, the rider made a critical mistake. From what I have heard, the rider and a friend thought conditions were too icy and decided to walk down the hill. That was a fatal mistake. In addition, the victim removed his helmet.

I talked with Ski Patrol at Rose this weekend. I was told, in no uncertain terms, that you never remove your equipment and walk down, especially in icy conditions. Your boots have no edge to deal with ice, your skis or board do. As the Patrolmen told me, "You have your equipment for getting down the mountain and it should never be removed".

My son, daughter and myself went to Rose last Monday morning. Ski Patrol had both six pack lifts closed due to icy conditions. They opened Lake View so we decided to take a run. Prior to getting on the lift a Patrolmen warned us of the icy conditions and recommended that we not go. We went anyway. It was an ice rink at top. We went down the KC bowl and the entire run was a no fall zone. If you fell, you would not stop. We made it, with our equipment, and promptly drove home immediately after. Had we elected to try and walk down, we would not have been able to make it. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU EVER REMOVE YOUR EQUIPMENT AND ATTEMPT TO WALK DOWN THE RUN.

Maison Ortiz, Rest In Peace, our thoughts and prayers are with You and Your Family.