Continued Average to Above Average Temps with no Precip In Sight

This will be a quick update. First of all, this blog is dedicated to storms that affect the Tahoe area. I have not taken a vacation, winter has taken a vacation. If you are not hearing from me, assume that the weather will be dry. Since early October, this is the longest dry span that we have seen. If you want to know your local weather, watch the local news, they are good at telling you what it was like earlier in the day. Of course you could also just look out the window and see for yourself.

Having said all that, the weather will remain dry through at least the end of the month with above average temperatures for the most part. This should come as no surprise to the loyal readers of this blog. Back in September, I forecast a very mild and dry January and early spring. Actually, I was just looking at past La Nina's and forwarding on the common weather patterns. For a La Nina recap, click the link below:

September Blog

The models are in total disagreement about the possible return of winter in the first week of February. I am not buying into that, as it looks like ridge city through at least that first week. I will keep an eye out for a change in the pattern, but for now enjoy the beautiful weather.