Mild Weather Is Almost Here

The severe temperature inversions of last week will hopefully give us a break so that a large ridge of high pressure can begin to warm the valleys. The mountains were beautiful last week, but the valley's were socked in with fog for most of the day.

We had the weak storm pass through Saturday, that moved out the stagnant valley air and moved in some more cold air. Tomorrow and Wednesday we will have another system just clip us, that should change the valley air again. I do not see any major storms for the area until at least the 23rd of January.

We should see highs toward 50 starting by Wednesday and nearing 60 early next week!

I just heard a weather forecast on the radio talking about a storm for Tuesday and Wednesday. This system is well to our north and will stay there. This "storm" will produce no mountain or valley precip for the Tahoe area. Not sure what weather models those guys look at sometimes?

Stay tuned ...