Southerly Flow Means Continued Mild Weather

Predominant South Winds Bring January Thaw
As the January thaw continues, the valley golf courses are now all open. Even Arrow Creek is at least partially open. Our mild weather will continue until at least the middle of next week. There is some conflict within the weather models about a possible change in the jet that would bring the very western edge of a deep Arctic Front into the area. However, that would bring our temps down into the 30's. Our neighbors to the North and East could see high temps around -20F by the end of next week, so count your blessings! This Arctic air mass is one of the coldest to hit the country in decades, so we will keep an eye on this one.

How I Ended Up In Hawaii
Last night I was running around with my kids and we passed an establishment called Yogurt Beach on Mayberry and McCarron, which my kids insisted we stop and get some desert. I am not a big desert guy, but the kids insisted. Apparently these places are all the rage among the kids. When I entered the store I could see why; I felt like I had been Teleported to Hawaii. The place had surfing videos, surfboard tables and you really felt like you were in the tropics. It was a self service establishment with truly unique flavors and the toppings were ... well ... over the top good! All this in the middle of January in Reno! Apparently these stores are popping up all over Reno (and probably the west).  I thought it was such a good idea, that I should spread the news about a relatively healthy desert alternative.

Change Back To Stormy Pattern For End Of Month
Some of the weather models are hinting of a change in the weather pattern for the end of January. That change would bring us back to a stormy pattern. One big influence is another late stage MJO crossing the Indian Ocean into the Pacific. This was a big contributor to our last stormy pattern. I will keep an eye on this and let you know what to expect and when.

Stay Tuned ...