Changes Coming - But Very Slowly

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful January weather because it is almost over. Incidentally, I had to travel to south Florida last week to help my parents with a move. It was warmer in Reno than Naples, Fl. Go figure.

It won't be this week.

Starting late tonight and lasting through a good portion of tomorrow, a weak little system is going to move down the coast and come inland over Northern California. This system will continue to move to the south and east and provide a much needed hit of snow. This system is weak and somewhat moisture starved. It is also very cold and will usher in a big change in our temperatures. Snow totals are <1 inch in the valley, around a foot west of the Sierra Crest and 4-8 inches at Mt. Rose. Every flake helps as conditions have become very firm up there until late in the afternoon. Here is a look at liquid precip totals:

We are right at the 1/4 - 1/2 inch. That will translate to 4-8 inches up at Rose because the water to snow ratio will be much higher due to the cold air associated with this little storm. Look for much colder temps next week with conditions becoming more mild by next weekend. From there we will have a hodgepodge of 40's and 50's ahead of what appears to be a more stormy pattern.

Looking ahead, I see a more permanent change coming to the Lake Tahoe area around the middle of February with a much better chance of significant storms. Right now the models are not picking up on this in the way of any one particular storm. Here is a look, however, at the NOAA PNA for the next couple of weeks, notice the move to negative coming in late in the period:

This chart has been a very good representation of our weather pattern and I have no reason to believe that will change.

I wish I had more to fire you up, but that is it for now.

Unofficial Mount Rose Community
I came across a really cool site this past week for those of you who frequent Mt. Rose. I have posted a link to this site on the right side bar. You should check it out, it is everything Mt. Rose! 

Stay Tuned ...