Active Weather Pattern Continues

As our active weather pattern continues, we have a decent shot for snow tonight & tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday and then the following Sunday and Monday. Our best chance for a good storm and thus a powder day is very late Wednesday into Thursday, with snow most of the day, which means Friday would be the day. Prior to that it is going to warm up ahead of the storm. Snow levels will be around 6,500-7,000 for tonight/tomorrow and around 7,500 feet for the Wednesday/Thursday storm. Here is a look at precip estimates for the week:

As usual, north and west of the lake is the big winner looking at 2-4 inches of liquid precip possible with around an inch for the Carson Range.

Of course all of this can change ... there is a ton of moisture to tap into. If the dynamics of these storms change even slightly, we could be talking about significantly more precip.

Last post we talked a little bit about two weather dynamics that will make for an active Spring; and El Nino has developed in the Equatorial Pacific and the water temp off the USA/Mexican west coast is also very warm. That dynamic usually means lots of rain for California ... more to come on that.

Stay Tuned ...