Stormy Week Ahead

As the models converge on a very stormy week, we are starting to see indications that the rains from the western Pacific are starting to make it here with a little bit more strength. First lets look at the upcoming week. There are a series of waves headed our way:

Sunday Dec 6, 12:00pm

This storm will be much better for the west shore of the lake but I still expect 2-4 inches for the Carson Range, 12-18 for the Western Crest of the Sierra.

There will be a series of these small shortwaves that will be cast our way. We should pick up another few inches ahead of a much bigger storm that we have been talking about for a few days now.

Thursday Dec 10, 12:00pm

This is the best chance we have of a major storm. This will pick up moisture steaming across the Pacific and should deposit it all over Tahoe, including the Carson Range and Mt. Rose. I am looking for 10-20 inches out of this (Carson Range) and if things align perfectly, we could be talking more.

Sunday Dec 13, 2:00pm

This storm has some real potential as well. We are under a very unstable air mass and it should snow for most of the week. Here is the look at the 10 day precip:

The Western Crest is in the 7 inch range while the Carson Range is looking at 3-4 inches. If all holds together (and I think it will) we could be looking at 3-8 feet for all of Tahoe! 

I have researchers that are telling me that this is just the beginning of a protracted storm cycle that could last ... well they say a long time. I am not there yet, but we will see.

Fantasy Forecast
By popular demand I have brought back the Fantasy Forecast. I expect this to get much more bullish in the next week, but here is the 30-day:

Looks like the Long Range is not in synch with the short range ... that too will change.

Stay Tuned ...