Storm Cycle To Start Up Again Friday

The blocking ridge of high pressure off the Pacific NW coast, with it's clockwise rotation, has created a corridor for cold air to move south out of the Gulf of Alaska, down the NW coast and right into our area. This cold air is sucking warm moist air into it and creating what should be repeated snow events for at least the next couple of weeks. It will remain cold during the entire period, with the only warming coming from the sun, as our air will be exclusively coming out of the north.

Starting Friday and Lasting until about Saturday morning, a quick moving storm will bring super cooled air into our area and leave us a decent blanket of very light powder. This storm will affect the leeward valleys. Expect more snow in your yard if you live in Reno or Carson City. Although there is not a ton of moisture associated with this storm, the water to snow ratio's will be very high, in the 15-1 to 20-1 neighborhood. It think it is a safe bet that the storm leaves behind 1-3 feet of the best powder we have seen all year. Friday will be snowy, Saturday could be epic for skiers and riders. Here is a look at Friday mid morning:

After the storm passes on Saturday, the air will remain unstable with snow showers and some accumulation ahead of the next, much larger, storm due to come in about a week. Here is a look at the forecast for late on Tuesday night (3/1):

This storm could be a real party and it will usher in a series of storms that could last another week or more. NOAA is still calling for this pattern to remain in place. The following chart explains why an area of high pressure to our north is the culprit:

Stay Tuned ...