Tailgate Weather This Weekend - Storms Return in 10-12 Days

Above Average Temps For The Next 10-12 Days
 More warm temperatures are headed our way for the weekend as the grills will be in full force on both Saturday and Sunday at the slide parking lot on Mt. Rose. All non-mountain golf courses will be open by Saturday. Can you say Spring Fever? Enjoy this nice stretch of weather.

Stormy Pattern Returns Around February 12th or 13th
Many signs are pointing to the mountains returning to a stormy pattern around the middle of February. Having said that, storms in February are not as strong as storms in December so do not expect a repeat of earlier in the year. Here is a picture of earlier in the year:

Truly some epic dumpage. Having made my disclaimer, remember that La Nina is famous for large storms followed by long periods of mild weather. Right now the models are just now picking up on this change. The EC model has this for the 12th, notice the approaching storm from the northwest:

This should be the first in a series of storms. GFS is just beginning to show the pattern change and I look for that model to catch on in the coming days. I should be able to start to pinpoint storms and storm totals in a few days so look for my next post. Until then, enjoy the beautiful weather and hit em straight.

Stay Tuned ...