Strong, Cold, Wet and Windy Storm Approaches - Start of Two Stormy Weeks

The storm we have been talking about is on our doorstep and poised to hit hard. This is a large storm with very strong winds and an ample moisture tap. Here is what EC believes we should have in the way of liquid precip by Saturday:

Tahoe is very close to the bullseye. This model is looking at between 2.5 and 3 inches of precip. Because of the cold nature of this storm, that should translate to 2-4 feet of snow coming our way. Here is the timing of the system:

8:00pm Tuesday night - First Big Wave

5:00am Wednesday Morning - Storm Continues To Dump

12:00pm Wednesday Afternoon - More Dumpage

3:00am Friday Morning - Next Storm

The Friday storm will be cutting further south, but we will still get a piece of it.

Looking ahead, Monday (2/21) and the following Thursday (2/24) are looking stormy as well:

Monday 2/21 - Another Storm Forms and drops in


Thursday 2/24 - Chance for Larger Storm

 I will keep a close eye on next week's storms ... Stay Tuned