Major Changes Headed Our Way

Our weather is going to stay nice through most of next Wednesday with high's in the 60's and perhaps even a 70 or two. However that is all going to change come Thursday 11/8. Our ridge of high pressure which is keeping our weather very mild is going to get shoved south and west and that will open a corridor for a series of storms. We should enter a stormy period that should bring decent precipitation our way through the end of the month.

First things first, here is a look at the EC Forecast for late Thursday:

It looks like a decent wave of precip will be here for Thursday/Friday and then another shot of decent precip on Saturday. This storm will usher in cold air and we should see all snow on Slide Mountain. How much snow? Here is a look at the EC precip total forecast:

For some reason, EC usually forecasts low end precip. I would not be at all surprised if we see double these amounts. I look for 2-4 inches at the crest west of Lake Tahoe through next weekend and similar or perhaps slightly less on Slide Mountain. Remember that is liquid precip, translating that to snow we could see in 2-5 foot area. I should say that most forecasts are calling for lesser amounts. However, conditions are ripe so I am looking for the high end of that snowfall range.

We should see a series of storms through the remainder of November. Here is the forecast model for total precip through the end of the month. Some areas of Northern California could see 8-10 inches of liquid precip. Most of Tahoe looks to be in the 4-6 inch range. Remember, these are very long range forecasts that are basically saying conditions are ripe. That does not mean it will happen, so do your snow dance, keep your fingers crossed or do whatever you think is necessary to bring the flakes in.

Stay Tuned ...