Storm Will Continue To Send Moisture Our Way

This storm is located now off the coast of Washington. It is a very large storm that should continue to send short wave energy down the coast. I am still looking at another 6-12 inches by next Wednesday evening of very wet snow for the higher elevations. Here is a look at the EC forecast for Wednesday late morning:

This wave will be the last and the most potent from this storm.

This storm came as advertised with very high elevation snow. Sven over at Unofficial Mt. Rose, reported on the conditions Saturday (Link to his column in right margin). Many of the Tahoe resorts (all lower in elevation than Rose) saw all rain expect at the very top.

Long term things are not looking as bad as my last post. The machine should get cranking and there exists a chance for some fairly significant precip next week, especially toward the end of the week 11/30. Here is an EC look at total precip through the 2nd of December:

The model has the majority of the precip coming around the 11/29 - 12/1. NWS is also talking about this. This forecast has not been very reliable thus far so I am being very cautious when I say there is a chance.

Stay Tuned ...