Expect More of the Same

A series of storms are lined up and heading our way. These are fairly weak storms and none of them has the potential to dump 5 feet. However, they just keep coming and it adds up in a pretty big hurry. I am tracking storms for Saturday (late morning), Tuesday (Early Morning) and the biggest of the bunch early next Wednesday morning. Here is a look at the storm track:

This appears as though the storms will be cutting north, and not delivering their payload to Southern California. Tahoe is highlighted in red. I hope this storm track changes, and our researchers believe it will, just not in the next week. I guess we will just have to live with all the snow coming our way!

Here is a look at the storm on tap for next Wednesday:

This storm train will make it seem like it is snowing in the mountains constantly. And, quite frankly, it is snowing in the mountains constantly. Head over to Unofficial Mt. Rose to see how awesome the conditions have been.

Finally here is the outlook for the next week insofar as total precip:

Again, nothing great but another 2.5 - 4 inches of liquid precip. That should amount to another 2-4 feet of snow at least. The models have been under predicting this year. We nutted the last storm, but bumped up the totals by 20%. That bodes well for all of Tahoe. These storms should stay on the cooler side, so great news for all the resorts.

Stay Tuned ...