Storm Train is Barreling Down the Tracks

Starting on Wednesday, we should see much more precip as El Nino begins to strengthen his grip. For Wednesday and Thursday we are looking at a decent snow event for both the Sierra and Carson Range (18-36 inches). Here is a look at the forecast for Wednesday afternoon:

Following this system are a couple of weak short waves that will keep it cloudy and snowy in the mountains until the next system on Saturday morning:

This system also has some potential for another 1-2 feet. Again, another series of weaker short waves will keep things snowy in the mountains and then the next system will arrive a week from tomorrow:

There is a number of other systems that just keep lining up so I expect this pattern to continue.

Over the next 8 days here is what we can expect in the way of liquid precip:

Southern California is getting the short end of the stick with this pattern, but Southern California is a desert, no different than Reno and Carson City. However, we can look for anywhere from 4-10 inches of liquid precip over the next week or so. I expect Mt. Rose will pick up an addition 3-6 feet of snow in the next 9 days, and maybe more. The Sierra crest, north of the Lake could be looking at as much as 10 inches of liquid precip.

Snow levels will stay reasonable, but these will be slightly warmer storms.

Winds could be an issue with this next storm as it approaches. Ridge tops could exceed 100 mph which of course would close the lifts at Rose during the storm. My feeling is that as the precip moves in, winds will decrease and there is a possibility that the Slide side lift will be open all day Thursday. However, on Wednesday, especially starting late morning, I look for very strong gusts. If this thing holds off a few hours, we may have all the winds after the scheduled closing of the lifts and get a full day on Wednesday and Thursday. Cross your fingers if you are going up on Wednesday.

Stay Tuned ...