It's Going to Snow All Weekend

The strong storm that we have been talking about for the last few weeks is coming and it is going to stay for quite a while, in fact it is going to stay for the weekend. Fortunately, this should be all snow at 8,000 feet and above. This storm is accompanied by a significant cold front that will lower snow levels to 4,500 feet. Inland blocking high pressure is going to slow the progress of this storm significantly. Right now the NWS is looking at about 2 feet at the crest above 8,000 feet. I believe the totals will be much higher. This storm has an excellent moisture tap and should produce heavy snow for an 18 hour window starting early Saturday morning. Here is the forecast for around 2am on Saturday as the storm begins to enter the Carson Range:

I am seeing adequate spillover as this storm starts south, moves north and slams the inland high pressure. This will cause it to do an about face and track south right through our area. I am looking at 18-36 inches of snow for the Carson Range by Monday morning. We could see more if this thing stalls.

Here is a look at the Pacific forecast for late next Monday:

As you can see, things have not died down and there are some very powerful storms. I believe the next big storm should come in around a week from today. If you look at that storm in the middle; that is almost a cyclone insofar as wind speeds are concerned. I would not want to be out on a boat of any size under that storm. That storm is headed our way and will bring in the next wave.

Finally, here is the precip outlook for the next 10 days:

Again, more significant precip for northern California while Southern California is again being left out. The Carson Range is in the 3-4 inch area, but I believe we could see as much as double that in the next 10 days. The models have been under-predicting all year.

Stay Tuned ...