Storms Update

A series of storms are coming. We believe we will see significant precipitation over the next 3 weeks and beyond. We are looking at the possibility of as much as 8-15 feet of snow for the Sierra Crest around Lake Tahoe by months end. Or we could see more! These storms should easily push through and leave similar totals in the Carson Range.

The short-term, good news is that until about mid January these will continue to be cold storms. Snow levels will be in the 5,000-6,000 foot range, great for all Tahoe Ski Areas. In addition, the largest of the storms for the next week, Tomorrow's storm, will not bring in the 100 mph winds. I believe that the lifts will continue to spin at Mt. Rose through the storm. Qualifier: Exact wind conditions are very difficult to predict, so cross your fingers if you are planning on going up tomorrow.

Around the 15th, our researchers are seeing a change in the pattern to a much wetter, warmer pattern with the Pineapple Express coming into play. The big concern here at TWB is that we do not have storms with snow levels above 10,000 feet. That could spell disaster for all the towns and villages at the base of the Sierra or along the many rivers. It is my understanding that the 55/56 flood, brought 10-15 inches of rain to the entire Mt. Rose Wilderness. Hopefully, we can bring in enough cool air.

Look for around 1-2 feet of snow at Mt. Rose by early Thursday with additional snow coming in short waves for at least the next 3 weeks. If you read my post about the 97/98 El Nino, then the break is over and it is time for El Nino to flex his muscle.

Here is an updated weekly precip total:

No much has changed since last post, but notice the heaviest rains are down around the Southern California/Northern Mexican coasts, where as much as 7 inches could fall over the next week or so. Welcome El Nino!

Stay Tuned ...