High Pressure, Mild Temps to Dominate Our Weather for the Next 10 Days

Our persistent ridge of high pressure is becoming more persistent. It will camp right off the coast of California and push the storm track north of us. There will be slight chance of very light precipitation off and on for the next 10 days, but we see no major storms or precip during that period of time. Here is a look at the current conditions. You can clearly see the storm track moving well north of Tahoe.

As we move into the week, the ridge actually strengthens and moves north, pushing storms even further to the north.

We talked about a dry period coming up, well this is it. The 30 day hinted at very mild weather. That big storm from last week certainly saved the early ski season!

Here is the 30-day forecast which says that the models believe the storms will return. Looking a little closer we could be talking about late in the first week of December:

I just wanted to give a shout out to Taylor at Bobo's for helping me with an equipment problem yesterday. Bobo's prices are very competitive, but the people make the real difference. Thanks again Taylor!

Stay Tuned ...