Three Large Storms Poised to Slam Tahoe

This is some crazy weather as the models have been changing as often as most of us change underwear. A very large, wet storm is knocking on the door right now. For now it looks like the snow level is holding around 8,000 feet. We are looking at the possibility of 6 inches or more of liquid precip before this storm moves on. That means that 2-3 feet of very wet (base creating) snow could be sitting on Slide Mountain by noon tomorrow. The possibility does still exist that snow levels rise, but at this point it seems unlikely. In fact, they should start to fall rapidly as this storm has a very cold air mass associated with it.

Here is a look at the forecast for 4:00am tomorrow morning:

That is a pretty impressive moisture tail stretching down to the subtropics. That will fuel this storm and make it a very large storm, especially for pre-Thanksgiving.

The next storm arrives around noon on Monday. Here is the forecast for that time:

Not as impressive a moisture tail, but this storm still has plenty to work with. We believe this will come in slightly cooler than our current storm which could mean really good things for Slide Mountain.

Finally, the last storm we are tracking should hit on Thanksgiving day. Here is a look at the forecast for Thanksgiving day:

This storm, again will be warm and have plenty of moisture. This storm is forecast to move out pretty quickly, however.

Here is the Precip forecast for the 3 storms combined, I personally think this is a little low, but we shall see. Some areas North and West of Tahoe will get over 10 feet of snow at the highest elevations:

There are some indications that the storm door could close after this storm as the 30-day outlook is dry after Thanksgiving, so let's hope we can get a pretty good base.

BTW: If you are thinking about long range forecasting, you should reread what Paul Huntington had to say on this website about a month ago.

Finally, for everything Mt. Rose, go here everyday: Unofficial Mt. Rose.

Stay Tuned ...