Two More Storms Headed Our Way

I was not in town for this most recent storm, so I am not sure how it played out, but from what I saw it was somewhat disappointing. Fear not for we have two more storms coming in for Thursday and Friday of next week and then late Sunday (week from today) through Monday. These next two storms look pretty good, have a much more westerner trajectory and should have more moisture to work with. Here is a look at the forecast for Wednesday night as the first storm approaches:

Our weather will stay unstable until the second storm comes in. There is at least some chance (cross your fingers) for a more decent weather event between these two systems. If the first storm stalls just a bit and the second storm slams into it and lingers, then we could have one stormy week starting next Thursday. However, right now it looks like two moderate (at best) weather events separated by a few days.

Here is the forecast for late Sunday (11/12) night when the second storm arrives: 

Pretty amazing how these two storms are so similar. The second storm is forecast to move through much quicker.

Both storms are going to come in warm and as the front moves through temps and snow levels will drop. I do think both come in under the 8,000 foot elevation of Mt. Rose and they should pick up all snow.

Here is the precipitation forecast for both systems:

Right now for Tahoe we are looking at 2-4 inches of liquid precip. I look for a good chance for Mt. Rose to get up to 2 feet of snow by the end next Monday.

Finally, here is the fantasy forecast for the next month of precip. This is much better than just a week ago and shows that the trend for November is moving to more storms.

Stay Tuned ...