Mild Weather Until Saturday, Then Major Change

Our mild weather will continue through most of Saturday. Then, a strong cold front will move down off the Oregon coast right through the Tahoe area by Sunday. This cold front will bring snow and extreme winds. The snow will affect commutes back from the Thanksgiving Holiday.

The precipitation should get started in the Sierra early Sunday. The heavier stuff comes in around Sunday at noon and should bring moderate precipitation until around Monday at noon. Here is the forecast for Sunday around noon:

Six hours later, around 6:00pm (Sunday) the storm will have increased in intensity and snow levels by then should be down below lake level:

The storm continues to strengthen into early Monday morning:

This storm does have some moisture to work with, here is the precip forecast:

We are forecast 1-2 feet of snow for the Carson Range which will be a very welcome addition as the base has taken a real hit with these mild temperatures.

High pressure moves in behind this storm, late on Monday and the remainder of the next week looks pretty dry.

I am not seeing a lot to excite me in December, as the long range models are looking at the potential for high pressure to camp just off our door step and stay there, so this may be our last chance for a while.

As always we will keep an eye out for possible storms. Remember, Ma Nature always has the last word!

Stay Tuned ...